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Greccio's Integrated Approach
Greccio Housing is a community organization in Colorado Springs that provides stable, safe, and affordable housing, offers resources for residents to achieve stability, and promotes solutions to the affordable housing needs of our community. 

Greccio currently serves nearly 1,000 residents per year through properties across Colorado Springs and Teller County. Beyond providing affordable housing to lower their cost of living, we offer access to a variety of services, guidance, community events, educational workshops, and ongoing assistance that helps on their path toward self-sufficiency and financial independence. 

What We Do

Stable. Safe. Supportive.


  • We provide access to affordable and obtainable housing in Colorado Springs
  • Leasing maintains a waitlist for 28 affordable apartment communities in Colorado Springs
  • We walk people through the process of obtaining affordable housing and the qualifications for our program 
  • We educate individuals on the ins and outs of rentals and leasing agreements
  • To contact a leasing agent, call our office at 719-475-1422
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Resident Resources


James, also known as "Boxcar," has experienced homelessness and addiction nearly his entire life, stemming from his parents' addiction problems. After a traumatic brain injury and struggles with alcoholism, James committed himself to sobriety in 2017 and sought help from Westside Cares for housing.


He found a sense of community and stability at Greccio’s Plaza on Platte, where he “learned to be a person again and started to heal emotionally and physically.” James now sees a physical therapist once a week and is taking his first steps towards walking again.


He attributes his success to the stability of being safely and stably housed, prayers, and exercise, and hopes to inspire others who may be struggling.



  1. Eviction prevention program: Financial resources to address a one-time unexpected life crisis (health care issue, loss of job, etc.).

  2. Food security resources: Our weekly no-cost food pantry at Plaza on Platte and our monthly Mobile Markets at The Atrium at Austin Bluffs. Our partners include Care and Share, Food to Power, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, GoPuff, and Natural Grocers.



  1. Holiday programs: Adopt A Family Christmas gifts for more than 60 Greccio families each year in partnership with the Lions Club of Colorado Springs and dozens of generous individual donors. Thanksgiving baskets for more than 50 families each year in partnership with Pikes Peak Kiwanis.

  2. Community Gardens: Currently in place at most of our properties to provide healthy food and a shared family experience of home gardening.

  3. Mobile vet clinic in partnership with The Pet Cross, Inc.



  1. GRACE (Greccio Residents Advancing Careers through Education): Financial assistance to support Greccio residents who are completing a college program, vocational training, or a certificate to enhance their career opportunities.

  2. Children’s literacy baskets: Supporting families with an age-specific in-home reading program.

  3. Grab and Go Libraries: Little libraries at each of our properties with books supplied by the Pikes Peak Library District and generous donors.

  4. Financial literacy training, budgeting workshops, and first-time home buyer classes.

  5. Cooking classes in partnership with Cooking Matters



  1. Volunteer opportunities with resident resources, maintenance, and leasing.

  2. Our Resident Resources team provides referrals to partnering agencies when in-house services do not meet residents' needs.

In 2002, Greccio's Resident Resources and Supportive Services were established to provide essential training in life skills, household management, achieving a living wage, coaching, peer support, and emergency services to aid residents in achieving success. Through this program, residents gain access to life skills and education classes, outreach and advocacy services, emergency assistance provisions, and community development programs that enable them to make positive life choices and establish new behavioral responses that help break the cycle of poverty. To help us in this mission, please consider donating to Greccio Housing. Thank you.


We often refer to our Maintenance team as the "first responders" of Greccio. On any given day one of these team members is out at one of our 28 properties, fixing problems, helping residents, and doing whatever needs to be done to to keep Greccio running smoothly and maintaining the mission of providing safe, stable, and supportive housing. The Maintenance Department is vital to the smooth operation of Greccio Housing. They are our frontline to any and all problems that arise across our properties. They handle all routine maintenance, and emergencies, and play a crucial role in all move-outs and move-ins. 

Residents: A Note from Maintenance

  • An emergency is defined as loss of water, heat, or electricity, flooding, fire, gas leaks, or lock problems. Please call 719-475-1422 with all other maintenance requests. Our front desk will connect you with your leasing agent who will oversee your request.
  • Door codes are set for your convenience, please do not share them with guests.
  • The installation of a satellite dish requires written approval from Greccio Housing. Please contact your Leasing Agent for more information.
  • Here at Greccio Housing, we strive to keep our properties nice for all of our residents, please notify us immediately with any concerns.
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