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Pet Cross Mobile Vet Clinic Comes to Greccio!

Mobile Vet Clinic was a success! Through our partnership with Pet Cross, we were able to vaccinate 24 dogs and cats belonging to Greccio Residents. We are so grateful to Dr. Lisa Thompson for all her hard work and care today and to our very own Resident Resource team member, Cristal, for organizing the whole event. It couldn't have happened without her. It was a great day for the Greccio pets!

The Pet Cross Mobile Vet Clinic is a nonprofit that services pets of the homeless, low income, or senior citizens that need help. The clinic provides vaccines, check ups, and general care to cats and dogs.

Greccio reached out to Pet Cross in 2021 to see if a partnership would be possible and they very excitedly agreed to come service Greccio pets every six months. On her first visit to Greccio, Dr. Thompson vaccinated 10 pets and on her most recent visit was able to vaccinate and treat 24 cats and dogs of Greccio residents.

"My thirteen year old kitty cat, Sid, I unfortunately had the money to keep him up to date on shots so when Greccio Housing said they had this opportunity I wanted to jump in on it." -Shelby S, Greccio resident

"I do it for them. Their pets are so important to them. Their pets are their safety, their lives, it's what keeps them going and it tears them up when they can't take care of them like they know they need to. So I'm just so happy to help them take care of their pets." - Dr. Lisa Thompson

We were lucky enough to be able to talk to Dr. Lisa Thompson, owner of Pet Cross Mobil Vet Clinic, about the services she provides and what called her to this service. Please check out the video below to learn more about the mobile vet truck and what it means to our residents.

Video made by Sarah Waddell

If you'd like to learn more about Pet Cross, visit their site :

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