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There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities at Greccio Housing. We've got plenty to keep you busy, no matter your skill level, time commitments, or interests. From community gardens to painting to paperwork, we have plenty to do for both the individual and the group volunteers. We could always use a helping hand! We'd really appreciate it!

Organic Vegetables

Community Gardens

Calling all Green Thumbs! We've got community gardens going from early

Spring through late Summer at all 20+ Greccio properties. We could

always use a helping hand at such a big undertaking. If you're interested

in any planting, watering, or harvesting projects, please reach out!

Community Gardens


Grab-n-Go Libraries

          Nearly every Greccio property is lucky enough to have one of these 

          wonderful Grab-N-Go Libraries. They are always in need of upkeep

          and restocking. Volunteers to gather, sort, and restock these library

          boxes are always appreciated.

Grab-n-Go Libraries


Clerical Help

   There is no shortage of paperwork around here. We could always use a little

   help around the office. If this is something you'd be interested in learning 

   more about, please reach out!



Jamie J. 4.jpg

No-Cost Food Pantry

     Every Wednesday, with help from our partners at Care and Share, Trader

     Joe's, and Sprouts, we are able to provide our residents with a no-cost

      food pantry. Volunteers are always needed to help set up and run the 

      weekly market. 

No-Cost Food Pantry

Paint Roller

Painting Projects

    Best for group volunteers, we have a whole list of property improvement 

    projects to be done. These could include anything from landscaping to

    painting buildings. 




Adopt A Family

   A Family Christmas Gifts for 60+ families each year in partnerships with

    the Lions Club of Colorado Springs and dozens of individuals. 

Adopt A 


Individual Volunteers

Greccio would love to work with your group for either one-day or ongoing volunteer opportunities.  Large group opportunities include: playground builds; building, planting and cleaning of garden beds; painting exterior and hallways of apartment buildings; exterior cleanup of properties and surrounding communities.

Passionate about giving back to your community and impacting the lives of our residents? We’d love to have you join us in our mission through the giving of your time! Volunteer opportunities include general office support, preparing Welcome Home Bag, data entry, teaching life skills classes, special event planning, preparation; and execution, pickup, and delivery drivers for in-kind and food donations.

Group & Corporate Volunteers

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Name, Title

I love volunteering for Greccio because it helps me be an active member of the community. I'm able to meet so many people through my weekly work at the pantry and I'm able to share my love of books through the Grab-N-Go Libraries"

- Gordon, Volunteer

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