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Cool Science Success: A Chilling Science Demonstration at Greccio Housing

Cool Science, a local traveling science demonstration show, recently visited Greccio Housing to give a chilling science show to our youngest residents. The event was held on March 4th, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, at Greccio's Main Office, and it was open to children of all ages and their guardians. The event was a big hit, with 22 kids and their parents attending. The theme of this demo was "Super Cold Science." The kids learned about the differences between liquids, gases, and solids. The hands-on experiment where the kids got to make Dippin' Dots style ice cream using liquid nitrogen and pipettes filled with flavored cream, couldn't have been more popular. Smiles, giggles, and sticky fingers from the kids and parents all around.

One of the kids who attended said, "This was so much fun! Science is my favorite subject now!" These sorts of programs and partnerships are important to our residents and to Greccio Housing because they keep them engaged, give their kids new opportunities to learn, and help build a stronger sense of community amongst residents.

We are always looking for new ways to provide opportunities for Greccio residents and we're already looking forward to another Cool Science demonstration later this summer. Stay tuned for more info! If you'd like to learn more about Cool Science, visit their website at

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