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Our mission is to provide stable, safe, affordable housing, to offer resources for residents to achieve stability, and to promote solutions to the affordable housing needs of our community.

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A photo collage of Greccio properties and residents
Our Services

Who We Are

Greccio is a community housing development organization in Colorado Springs that provides stable, safe, and affordable housing, offers resources for residents to achieve stability, and promotes solutions to the affordable housing needs of our community.  

What We Do

Greccio currently serves nearly 1,000 residents per year through properties across Colorado Springs and Teller County. Beyond providing affordable housing to lower their cost of living, we offer access to a variety of services, guidance, community events, educational workshops, and ongoing assistance that helps on their path toward self-sufficiency and financial independence. Through Greccio Commercial, we are also able to offer property management services. 

How You Can Help

Greccio Housing greatly appreciates financial donations and is always in need of volunteers. We'd love to work with you or your group for either one-day or ongoing volunteer opportunities. However you are able to help, we are always grateful.

Thank you.  


Our History

Where did we get our name?

In the Italian village of Greccio, the Franciscan Brothers brought St. Francis a rabbit that had been caught in a snare. He gave the rabbit affection and set it free. But it returned to the snare. After the third time, Francis said to the brothers, “Take the rabbit to the woods and set it free.” He added to the rabbit, “Don’t get caught in the snare again.” Greccio Housing seeks to set people free by providing a stable, safe, affordable home, and support to help them improve their lives. In return, our residents must accept responsibility for not getting caught in the snare again.

How did we get our start?

In 1990, Greccio Housing’s Founder, Claudia Deats-Rodgers, had a dream of improving the quality of life for people in need of affordable rental housing. Greccio's first property, 321 N Weber St, has only 9 units and is still one of our properties. Greccio has grown to 635  apartments and 1,000 residents across dozens of properties throughout Colorado Springs. Our success is not measured in numbers, but in the stability of families, homelessness averted, cycles of poverty broken, and dreams achieved.

Testimonials & Reviews

“You've been so instrumental with my stability. I don't know where I'd be without Greccio. I couldn't believe the kindness of people that didn't know me.”

Jordan, Greccio Resident


Housing is often a family’s biggest monthly expense. When that cost is too high, little is left for food, healthcare, clothing, education, transportation, and other necessities. The focus of Affordable Housing is to provide options for families making 80% or less of the Area Median Income, ensuring that their housing cost is no more than 1/3 of their income. Households paying more than that are considered cost-burdened and paying more than 50% on housing is considered severely cost-burdened.

Housing Our Future_Housing Needs Chart_2024.png

Colorado law prohibits discrimination in the following areas based on these protected classes: race, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation (including transgender status), national origin/ ancestry, religion, creed, marital status, familial status (families with children under the age of 18 or a pregnant woman).

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