Mission & History

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide stable, safe, affordable housing, and to create supportive opportunities and services for our residents to enhance their individual growth.”

What Does “Greccio” Mean?

In the Italian village of Greccio, the Franciscan Brothers brought St. Francis a rabbit that had been caught in a snare. He gave the rabbit affection and set it free. But it returned to the snare. After the third time, Francis said to the brothers, “Take the rabbit to the woods and set it free.” He added to the rabbit, “Don’t get caught in the snare again.” Greccio Housing seeks to set people free by providing a stable, safe, affordable home, and support to help them improve their lives. In return, our residents must accept responsibility for not getting caught in the snare again.

How We Help

Since 1990, Greccio has provided shelter and supportive services to over 11,000 people. Greccio fulfills its mission through a dual-branch model: the Affordable Housing Program and the Resource & Opportunity Center. By providing these programs in tandem, Greccio offers affordable rental housing to qualified, low-income families and individuals along with the tools, resources, and a foundation of support that empowers residents to lead more independent, productive, and fulfilled lives.

Three primary areas of impact are worth noting:

  • Greccio maintains and strengthens the family structure. One-third of our residents are children. We  provide safe housing and social services to help families survive and then thrive.
  • Greccio offers seniors and residents with special needs an opportunity to maintain their independence and dignity by providing units that are designed to support their individual and unique life experiences.
  • Greccio offers all residents a stable, safe environment—with a zero-tolerance attitude toward crime and drugs—and the opportunity for a better future.

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